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Wii Fit With Balance Board – It’s Awesome

Wii Fit With Balance Board – It’s Awesome

The Wii Fit with Balance Board is taking the gaming industry by storm. This game effectively combines fun with fitness. When you buy Wii Fit with the Balance Board and use it, even just a little bit every day, you and your family can work together to reach your fitness goals.

The balance board itself resembles a futuristic bathroom scale. It’s not a scale but a pressure sensitive controller. It uses multiples sensors, four to be exact, to determine your center of gravity. Once information such as height and weight are entered, it can create a virtual 3D map of the users’ center of gravity.

It then accurately tracks all of the fine and gross actions during use. The Wii Fit with Balance Board uses the pressure sensitive controller to make the games totally interactive. You have to move your body, leaning and turning in different directions in order to control the game.

The balance board allows users to participate in a wide array of dynamic and fun activities. Some of the activities will include yoga, aerobics, muscle stretching, as well as other games.

Many of the activities focus on delivering a core workout, which uses exercise methods that emphasize slow and controlled movements. Families are able to stay active while spending quality time together. Many families start a “friendly” competition amongst themselves.

There are games specifically designed to improve a player’s balance. The center of balance is the point located between the left and right side when standing upright. People that have do not have an even center of balance will unconsciously overcompensate for the imbalance, which can lead to their posture becoming misaligned.

When the posture is misaligned, undue strain is put on other parts of the body. Some of the activities that are designed to improve your balance are Snowboard Slalom, Ski, Table Tilt, Penguin Slide, and the Tightrope Walk. Improving your balance has never been so fun.

This game is also attracting the attention of the medical industry; they are looking at ways to use the Wii Fit with Balance Board to aid with the recovery and rehabilitation of patients that have certain injuries. Patients can use the Wii Fit with Balance Board to do basic training exercises or more strenuous routines.

The balance board makes it possible to do a body test daily. You can accurately measure your center of balance, body control and your BMI or Body Mass Index. You can determine your Wii Fit age based on the results. This feature allows you to track and compare your previous results to see your improvement.

The Wii Fit with Balance Board never gets boring. Once you master your current level of play additional activities are unlocked. Simply put, the better you get, the more activities you have available to you. Kids and adults love this board and are thrilled when they buy the Wii Fit with Balance Board.