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Where To Surf In Fiji? The Top 5 Spots

Where To Surf In Fiji? The Top 5 Spots

You have surfed the usual. It’s fun, but the challenge is gone. You’re now in search of a place with plentiful great surfing and a taste of the exotic – well a Fiji holiday and its surfing spots could be the perfect answer for you.

Welcome or “Bula” to Fiji, with 1,129 kilometers of coastline, and incredible choices of where to surf. Fiji has 4,000 square miles of coral reef, and 333 islands, not all inhabited. There is plenty of space and natural beauty, including beaches, mountains and coconut trees. You may also sight whales offshore in Fiji’s pristine tropical Pacific waters.

There are many choices of holiday activities for your non-surfing friends and family: Hot air balloons, jet skis, jet boats, parasailing and diving as well as world-class surfing for beginners, intermediate and pros alike.

Fiji has a tropical Pacific climate. The wet season runs between November-April whereas the dry season is May – October. Southern hempsphere winter average temperatures range between 18-24c, whereas the summer averages 22-30c F. As it’s close to the equator, a stable tropical climate is standard all year round.

Fiji is a Surfer’s Paradise, with 3,000 areas to surf, and world famous waves for great vacation surfing experiences, while also offering Eco-tourism, including baskets and pottery made of native materials.

Wherever you decide to go on holiday in Fiji, plan to take cheap flights to Fiji and fly into Nadi Airport, and look forward to the possibility of a shell lei friendly welcome. From Nadi Airport there are easy transfers and shuttles available around the clock. Nadi Airport is on the largest Fiji island, Viti Levu, which is considered the mainland of Fiji, and is the most populated. English is the official language, although Hindustani and Fijian are also spoken. The capital, Suva, is the political and industrial center of Fiji, housing the majority of Fiji’s population.

Once you have settled in, enjoy great dining with fine wines at the many excellent restaurants. Unwind with a relaxing, therapeutic massage in preparation for some athletic surfing the next day. There are so many great surfing spots in Fiji. In the Top 5 is a mix of beginner, intermediate and expert, for the pleasure of all.

The first three of the Top 5 Surfing Spots in Fiji reside within Viti Levu State, the mainland. Some mountain views and rain forest in the background will heighten your surfing pleasures.

#1: PIPE: Rated Intermediate. This is one of the best. Easy to find. Access by boat. Regional Classic and reef Cove Waves. No crowds. Rising tide best surf. Rainforest background. W/SW Swell; N/NE Wind. Hollow, fun, fast.

#2: Mini Break: Rated Experienced. Regional Classic. Forty minutes from Nadi. Public beach access. Few surfers. Hollow,fast,powerful reef waves. S/SE swell, left direction. Paddle to location where waves go around a bend. Best not to surf at low tide. Consistent waves.

#3: Resorts Left: Rated Beginner. Nadi nearest city. No crowds. Great point break for beginner or intermediate. Any tide. Longboards good. 50-100 meter ride, left.

#4: Frigates Reef: Rated Experienced or Reef Break Expert. On Yanuca Island, which offers lush vegetation and camping on white sand beaches. Left direction. Hollow. Powerful. Access by boat, seven miles out. Public access. No crowds. Rainforest backround.

#5: King Kong: Rated Intermediate Reef Break. In Kadavu State. Beautiful mountain scenery. Access by boat. all tides. Easy to find. Few surfers. World Class Waves, and great tuna fishing for guests.

While you surf, your Fiji holiday companions can enjoy the National Parks and Reserves, and plentiful activities: Fiji Firewalking demonstrations, resorts, mountain hiking, swimming under waterfalls, birdwatching, snorkeling and more. Boats can be arranged to get to the surf first, with guests swimming, diving, or exotic fishing while you enjoy the incredible surfing, with lunch served on board, to be savored by all. Relax and enjoy, after challenging, new and exciting surfing experiences in Fiji!