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Traffic Is Good!

Traffic Is Good!

If we talk about webmasters, traffic is the key indicator for checking the success of a website. To assess the quality of traffic two factors are brought into play;

1. Relevance
2. Persistence


Relevance is the most important feature in traffic efficiency, and is correlated with persistent behavior – more relevant visitors are likely to be persistent.

Relevance is basically related with the issues from which the traffic initiates. For example, if your website had a ‘Finance and Account’ theme, a visitor from a link on some other finance related website would certainly be more relevant as compared to a visitor from a website with a general theme.

The most excellent relevance arrives from ‘organic traffic’, that is, traffic directed from Search engines. If a customer is trying to find information on any specific topic, and arrives to your website, that visitor is expected to be pertinent to the theme of your website. Obviously, the relevance of ‘organic traffic’ can be different. Search engines dedicated to one particular niche can provide much intended traffic


Persistence is another key factor for good traffic. It identifies how profoundly individuals surf your website. It is mostly related with the origin of the traffic and, as a result, the net surfing behavior.

High-quality, persistent traffic arrives from those who are keenly trying to find something. Therefore, ‘organic traffic’ is usually good, persistent traffic resulting in form of a visitor who will remain on your website for a longer period, read larger portion of your content, and possibly arrive at deeper sections of your website. This searching behavior is one that creates the interactivity, and also stops the visitor from leaving your website hastily.

Persistent traffic can as well arrive from a number of other non-organic sources, such as by casual talk, or advice from a friend can create curiosity in user, which results in an interested net surfing pattern. Even though the user under discussion may not be looking for something specific, he will possibly remain in your website for a longer period of time and browse larger number of pages.

Average persistence traffic can arrive from transferred traffic also. Visitors who are merely surfing net for not anything particular may click on a link to your website, and then stay there for some page views. This type of net surfing behavior creates the greater part of transferred traffic.

Lesser persistence traffic results from more massive referral-kind traffic. For example, front page of a main site having a link will drive a massive number of referral traffic towards your website, however because of the big audience of the referring site; majority of visitors will stay only for the linked page, with a small number of other visitors searching other areas of your website.