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The “Right” Hat For Women

The “Right” Hat For Women

Hats are a wonderful tool for women. They’re often an overlooked accessory because girls in youth rarely get used to wearing them. Whether that’s from a lack of exposure to participating on sports teams, or a lack of feminine styles, hats are a rarity among female children and adolescents. Whatever the reason, women should overcome any self-consciousness about hat-wearing and discover the amazing benefits from incorporating them into their wardrobes.

The value of a great hat as an essential accessory should not be overlooked. Below are several tips for finding the right type of hat.

There are many styles of hats available for women. From the traditional big-rimmed, decorative church hat to straw hats to baseball caps and military hats. The range is wide and allows room for hats to match almost any outfit. When picking out your first hat, think of the way you dress most often. I suggest going for a hat that works with your daily wear. The number one reason I choose to wear hats is because I haven’t washed my hair, or it’s just not cooperating. Thus, my first choices for hats are skater hats (skateboard or snowboard branded hats that you pick up at your local Zumiez or other skater store)/baseball caps and military caps. Skater or baseball caps are fabulous paired with a great pair of worn jeans and a cute T-shirt. In fact, adding a hat to a boring outfit like jeans and a feminine T-shirt can often change the look of the outfit by giving it something more bold and making you stand out more. One thing to be aware of with a skater or baseball hat is that these are by nature men’s hats. You want to be sure to pair them with a well-fitted feminine shirt and possibly some stud earrings or large hoops. Although borrowing the style from men, you still want to look like a woman!

The military cap is a great starter hat because of its overall versatility. Military caps match with simple jeans and a T-shirt, but, depending on the exact hat, can be easily worn with simple dresses or dress pants and a button up. Military caps come in a variety of styles and a myriad of colors. Some caps feature well-placed bows, buttons or other feminine details that add to the feminine quality of the cap. Others are solid colored and simple, but still carry more of a feminine air than your typical skater or baseball hat.

Because hats have grown in popularity for women in recent years, the general public is seeing a comeback of the more traditional, wide-brimmed hats. This style is very popular in a typical straw beach hat, and the wide-brim makes the hat strikingly feminine. Along with the straw hat, cowboy-like hats are being sold at general merchandise stores, no longer a novelty for hard-core cowboys anymore. These cowboy hats have also received a feminine make over, with the brims rolled in toward the ears and often feminine hat bands.

Again, a myriad of fabulous hats are available. Don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your daily wear!