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Shaun White – The Power Behind the Snowboard Throne

Shaun White – The Power Behind the Snowboard Throne

Shaun White is a global snowboarding and skateboarding icon and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist in the Halfpipe: 2006 in Torino (Italy) and 2010 in Vancouver (Canada). The red-haired wonder has dominated his sport for the last decade. As well as being a star, White has made himself a fortune with his prodigious talent and charismatic personality.

What is the reason for White’s enormous success? Hard work, family support, raw talent, determination and a warrior spirit that seeks not just to beat his opponents but dominate them? Of course. But there are deeper reasons for his success and stardom which are hidden from view.

Life is destined. Each of us is born into a blueprint of existence that is intricately, precisely, immutably ordered and pre-determined to the nth degree. As the great Dr. Albert Einstein, the greatest scientific mind of the 20th Century, stated: Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control.

Shaun White’s success is not luck. It was destined for him before he was born. A cursory and brief look at his numerology chart clearly shows a life of power, charisma and competitive dominance.

Without getting too technical, our destinies are contained in our full name at birth and our birthdate. This may seem simplistic and unbelievable, but it is true. As the esteemed Sir Isaac Newton – arguably the greatest scientist of all time – noted: God created everything by number, weight and measure… It is the perfection of God’s works that they are all done with the greatest simplicity. He is the God of order and not of confusion.

Predating both Sir Isaac Newton and Dr. Albert Einstein is the ancient scientist, mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, noted as the Father of Numerology, who observed:

Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.

Not only do numbers rule everything and are divinely created, they define our lives and destinies. Shaun White’s destiny of fame and fortune is dramatically expressed in the numbers 9 and 2.

In numerology, the number Nine (9) is the number of power, charisma, triumph, domination, the public domain and universal stage. The symbol for the 9 is the crown, for if any number rules, it is the 9. In a numerology chart when the same number appears in multiple places the energy of the number and its manifestation are intensified. This is called stacking. The following chart illustrates the large number of 9s in the chart of Shaun Roger White who was born on 3 September 1986. The labels may not mean anything at this point to the layman but they don’t have to. What is noticeable is the extraordinarily unusual number of 9s, a number manifesting extreme dominance, power and global recognition.

The Number 9 in Shaun White’s Numerology Chart

9: Lifepath
9: Nature
9: Material Nature
9: 1st Name “Shaun”
9: 1st Name “Shaun” PE
9: 2nd Name “Roger”
9: 2nd Name “Roger” PE
9: Grand Pinnacle [core of life – 3rd]
9: Grand Challenge [core of life – 3rd]
9: Crown Pinnacle [final-4th]
9: 2nd Epoch [core of life]
Total 9s: Eleven

The second number influencing Shaun White’s destiny of competitive excellence is the number Two (2). The most powerful 2 is that which has a 29 root [2 + 9 = 11 > 1 + 1 = 2]. This 29 number references relationships, others and competition [2] focusing on power and dominance [9]. It is also the most powerful type of 2 energy as far as competition is concerned. The 29, a 2 in reduction, is dominant in White’s chart and is registered no less than ten times in his chart.

The Number 2 in Shaun White’s Numerology Chart

2: Expression [full birth name- Shaun Roger White]
2: The Name “White”
2: The reality or PE of the name “White”
2: Life PE – Performance/Experience [role in life]
2: Soul [primary energy of desire and motivation]
2: Material Soul [secondary energy of desire and motivation]
2: Grand Pinnacle PE [core of life]
2: Grand Challenge PE [core of life]
2: Crown Pinnacle PE [crowns the entirety of his life]
2: Second Epoch PE
Total 2s: Ten

It is not important to understand what all this means from a numerological perspective unless you are a numerologist. All one needs to see is the enormous amount of 9 and 2 energy in the chart of Shaun White. It is exceptional and is the primary reason for his success and global iconic persona. The 9 and 2 combination are the power behind the throne of his snowboarding crown. The proliferation of these two numbers is quite extraordinary. As a note for numerologists, White’s entire Basic Matrix is comprised only of 9s and 2s. In short, Shaun Roger White’s destiny is one of competitive dominance and global recognition. He’s simply a star; his stardom is in his numbers and his numbers comprise the foundation of his destiny, a destiny relegating him as the greatest and most famous snowboarder in the world.

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