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Pintail Longboards – Strengths and Disadvantages

Pintail Longboards – Strengths and Disadvantages

A pintail longboard is a longboard design that is pretty well-liked with novices. The pintail identify is specified to a board that sweeps toward a one ‘pin point’ at the tail. It is a classical longboard shape that has been all around considering that the starting of the activity.

What Are the Positive aspects of a Pintail Longboard

The pintail form is well-liked with novices for two most important motives: balance and price tag. Their wheelbase is really lengthy, and therefore really steady. For finding out how to drive and cruise, a pintail is optimal. Its probable beyond that is really minimal, but for people only wanting a board to commute on, it is a cozy and suitable design and style.

Pintails are considerably less costly styles to develop due to their simplicity and commonality. Any design and style that is created en masse will be less costly to generate from a price tag-usefulness viewpoint. A pintail does not consist of any variety of bell or whistle like other styles of longboards might, and is for that reason effortless to make.

Other added benefits consist of the comprehensive immunity to wheelbite. Any set up will do with a pintail longboard, as the slim conclude will not chunk with any truck and wheel mix.

The Downsides of a Pintail Longboard

The for a longer period wheelbase (length concerning the trucks) on a pintail style will final result in a lot less ‘twitchiness’ and far more stability. Freestyle tricks are substantially harder with a pintail layout owing to the deficiency of kicks, and sliding is arguably far more difficult much too.

Pintails longboards are definitely not bi-directional. Any kind of 180 diploma maneuver, such as a coleman, will result in you riding the improper way. Not all decks are bi-directional anyway, but a pintail surely does not disguise that its meant for riding 1 way only.

Pintail Longboard Recommendations

Motion Bigfish
Subsonic Dart
Fibreflex Pintail

Or whatsoever feels right to you. There is certainly not a great deal extravagant style perform going on with pintails, so get whatever fits your stance/height/pounds/tastes.


Pintails are excellent beginner longboards thanks to their affordability and stability. You can save $100 buying a pintail style, and they will be forgiving when you learn the basic principles of skating. Soon after you have that mastered, if you want to get a bit more dynamic with your longboarding you could will need to obtain a various board. Whilst exceedingly cozy for cruising, most pintail longboards are not rigid ample for downhill, are as well very long to slide seriously effectively and hard to trick. If you have no aspirations of doing any of the above, then a pintail longboard design will come advised for rookies.