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It’s Better Going it Blind

It’s Better Going it Blind

Sometimes, if we based our actions upon our reality, we could not go as far as we should go.

There is a video on YouTube titled “Facing the Giants.” It is a clip from the movie of the same name, and the clip reveals a high school football team practicing for the next game. When the players are asked if they would like to beat a certain team, their response is one of uncertainty. The coach then requests for his star player to demonstrate a drill. He asks the player how far he thinks he can carry another football player on his back while in a crouched position.

To explain the drill in a different way, the star player could only move forward with his hands and feet, keeping his knees off of the ground, and carrying someone on his back at the same time. The player’s response was 30 yards but the coach felt he could go 50. So 50 yards it was, plus he had to do it blindfolded. The coach did not want the player to give up too early because of what he saw in front of him.

The star player begins his task with the coach walking beside him, softly encouraging him all the while. Before the player knows it, and without the coach mentioning the fact, the star player easily crosses the 30 and then the 50. After a while, the player begins to wonder how far he has gone because you can tell he would like to stop. The coach encourages him not to be concerned with that and to keep going. The further the player goes and the more he expresses the fact that he cannot go on because it’s too hard, the more emphatically the coach begins to tell him to keep going and not to quit.

Finally, the player falls in exhaustion and states he cannot go any farther. That is when the coach tells him to look up, because he is in the end zone.

There are times in life when we experience changes we do not understand. Job loss, the loss of a close friendship, etc., such things create emotional burdens. The emotional burdens are so heavy until we begin to feel drained. We feel lost and confused with no idea of the next step to take in our lives. To put it simply, we feel as if we are walking through life blind.

During these times, it is easier to give up and quit instead of trying to continue forward. Yet, if you find the strength in you to keep moving forward, step by step, eventually you will find yourself in a better place. Not only will the place be better, but you will be a stronger person as well. Why? You would have learned that you can accomplish things you formerly thought you did not have the ability to achieve. That’s why sometimes it’s better going it blind.