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In the Period of Bloodshed

In the Period of Bloodshed

Reserve title: The Poems Of Peace (In the period of Bloodshed)

Author: Shehu Sani

Pagination: 129

Printed by: Labari Communications NJ

Calendar year: 2012

Reviewer: Ngozi Chilaka

“The intention of this piece is to endorse peace and stimulate people to stand up and communicate out towards violence”. This is the initially sentence you will read through, flipping via the initially page of this thoughts blowing piece by Shehu Sani. Definitely this sentence convinces a person on ingenuity of this book and what it seeks to reach in the lives of human beings.

The Northern component of Nigeria is gripped by several years of sectarian violence. A vicious, virulent and unceasing armed insurgency has extra to the chaos and the woes. Every single working day will come with its history of assassinations, mass killings, indiscriminate bombings and gross human legal rights abuses. The raging violence proceed to threaten the peace and unity of the place and shaking the foundation of its democratic institutions. This is why Shehu Sani has appear up with this exceptional and awesome e book to advocate peace.

The Author is a renowned civil legal rights activist, creator, poet and playwright who has penned extensively on political and religious conflicts in Nigeria and Africa in common. And his reserve is a positive evidence of his contributions to reduce violence as he is a campaigner for peace.

The introductory site of the e book takes readers via the bits and parts of what the ebook is about. Like it says, these assortment of poems are not traditional sonnets that conform to the rigid procedures and stereotype of literature or academics. Fairly, they are literary intervention to inspire the minds and strengthen the spirits of victims of violence, citizens of flashpoints and standard folks passionate about peace.

People who attempt for peace and justice for the oppressed should really get a copy of this e book for the reason that the poem appeals to their minds and offers a type of encouragement in the class. The e book of poems also softens the hearts of warriors to embrace peace. The writer says that audience will obviously decipher some of the poems as respectful of the dictum of injustice begotten violence and the rights and obligation of oppressed persons to free them selves.

The poems of peace is a compilation of 95 poems that are prescribed for peace specifically for men and women of northern Nigeria for whom around a few many years have been experiencing sectarian and ethnic violence in between Christians and Muslims and now struggling with an atrocious insurgency. The creator also involved the usefulness of the poems to the persons of Northern Ireland, Kashmir, Bosnia Herzegovina and some communities in Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt, Center East, Philippines.

Aside the a fore stated destinations, it is very believed that the richness of these poem surpasses limits as Africa and the globe at substantial surfers violence. The writer really should lower the restrictions of his do the job.

The fonts and graphic style and design of the e-book portrays the concept. The colour of the e-book cover is white which is recognised for peace as the writer advocates. Shehu Sani italicized his font to captivate audience, he also uses pictures to notify his tale of violence that has wrecked life. This is without a doubt a extremely excellent way of relating a concept as readers do not only get to picture his move of thoughts, they also visualize it through the pictures made use of.

Phrases are not able to express Shehu Sani’s magnanimity as he takes his time to truly feel the pains of his people today and attempts to make a change in his culture. It will not be stunning if he is offered a Peace Advocate award or the Nobel peace prize for this inspirational get the job done encouraging peace.

The Poems of Peace is encouraged for all to browse as it relates to every single live one particular way or the other currently being victims of violence or as customers of a culture loaded with violence.