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If You Think You Can’t Dance, Think Again and Go on a Ballroom Dancing Break

If You Think You Can’t Dance, Think Again and Go on a Ballroom Dancing Break

Dancing is different things to different people, but in its simplest form it is the graceful movement of the body in rhythm to music. One form of dance that has grown in popularity in recent years is ballroom dancing.

Many people would love to glide across the expanse of a ballroom looking elegant and in total control, but they feel they can’t dance. That needn’t be so, for now the message is: if you think you can’t dance, think again and go on a ballroom dancing break!

It is interesting to note that the most watched video clip of all time on the popular video sharing web site, YouTube.com is one called Evolution of Dance. At the time of writing it has been viewed more than 116 million times. If nothing else, this tells us that dancing is still a very popular pastime, and ballroom is right up there with the best of all dance forms.

Weekends breaks have become popular as the demand has grown. No longer is this type of dancing seen as old fashioned and belonging to a bygone era. People of all ages, young and old, are putting on their dancing shoes and taking to the ballrooms of the country, and many of them learned their new-found skills on short breaks that specialise in teaching ballroom.

Where can you find a weekend break teaching ballroom dancing that will suit you? Well, you can seek out a local dance club, there’s very likely to be one within a reasonable distance of where you live, but there are also companies specialising in dance holidays.

Not everyone going on a break will be a learner. Some will be experts who simply love the chance of getting away to do what they love doing best. The atmosphere of dance shared with friends and acquaintances in an unfamiliar but pleasant venue is a strong draw to all those who enjoy the magic of the ballroom.

Some people worry that all those going on a dancing break will be couples, and if they are alone they feel they won’t fit in. This is not generally so. Most weekend break venues welcome single members and always manage to fit them in somehow. You will discover that these events are not rigid in their outlook. Dancing is fun and the people who attend weekend breaks are seeking fun – both the couples and the singles.

It often comes as a surprise to most people that mastering the actual dance steps is not the main difficulty they encounter. To become a master at dancing you need to learn control and weight transfer. All this takes place quickly, but it is how dancers can look so graceful and elegant as they glide across a ballroom. Learning the steps is easy, but making it all seem effortless takes slightly longer to master.

The benefits to be gained from a weekend dance training break are many. There’s the fun and sense of camaraderie, the excellent health-giving aerobic exercise, and the satisfaction of achievement, to name a few. So, if you think you can’t dance, think again and go on a ballroom dancing break. You’ll be so glad you did!