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How to Set up Hauptwerk Digital Pipe Organ Using MIDI Keyboards and a Pc

How to Set up Hauptwerk Digital Pipe Organ Using MIDI Keyboards and a Pc

In this post, I will notify you how to setup a performing Hauptwerk technique, making use of MIDI controller keyboards.

Lots of home organists typically dream of participating in a wurlitzer theatre organ or a church organ to elevate their playing to an additional stage, and for own satisfaction. At a single time this would be really tricky as you would have to have physical entry to the devices in buy to perform them. Not so any more! As a result of the use of fashionable computing technological know-how, samples and MIDI, the dwelling organist/enthusiast can now enjoy possibly a Wurlitzer theatre organ, or a church/pipe organ without having leaving dwelling employing a personal computer operating Hauptwerk digital pipe organ software program, managed from both MIDI keyboards with pedals or almost any good Digital/electronic household organ that has MIDI out.

Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ Software program
Hauptwerk is software dispersed by Milan Digital Audio and available from Hauptwerk’s site. It is offered in a few variations Totally free edition, basic and Complete edition. We will be making use of the Absolutely free edition, model 4 for the applications of this report. Version 4 is all over 2.2GB download, so I would advocate downloading on a quickly-ish world-wide-web link. After you have downloaded Hauptwerk v4, it needs to be mounted on your desktop Pc, Laptop Computer system, MAC or MacBook laptop.

Demands and Stipulations
Desktop Computer system needs
I will presume that you have a decent, rather modern Computer that you can use for jogging Hauptwerk. Hauptwerk propose a least of an Intel Core2Duo program with 2GB RAM set up at least. For this write-up Least encouraged is an Intel Core 2 Duo process, I will use my present E7500 Core2Duo dependent system listed here, as I have it offered. This is thought of lower to mid-vary spec these days, as the Intel Main 2 Duos have been replaced by the Main i series processors. Hauptwerk advise these Main I CPUs for most effective general performance, though I can assure you that my set up operates high-quality, using the Cost-free St. Annes Mosely organ that is supplied with Hauptwerk. If you want to use larger sized sample sets, I advise using both a Main i5 or i7, but as I will be only concentrating on the Totally free edition of Hauptwerk, then the Intel Main 2 Duo E7500 is a lot more than capable of carrying out the career.

If you are intending to operate Hauptwerk on a grander scale, and use either the Fundamental or Entire version for running considerably greater samplesets, then Hauptwerk seriously advise that you use an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor with 8-16GB RAM. This will call for a 64bit working system, such as Windows 7 Home High quality 64little bit. If you by now have a Computer with 32 bit home windows, it will be limited to 3.5GB RAM as that is a limitation of 32bit program.

AMD processors will also be Alright for Hauptwerk, I have tested Hauptwerk on an AMD Athlon II x2 250 CPU, with 2GB ram and it runs perfectly. AMD are significantly cheaper than Intel, and a very good alternative for someone on a price range.

Laptop Computer system specifications
I operate Hauptwerk 4 on my ageing DELL Inspiron 640m laptop. This laptop still has lifestyle in it still, as it is primarily based on a Main2Duo CPU running at 2.0ghz, with 2.5GB DDR2 ram. I upgraded it a even though back, so if you have a DELL Inspiron 640m or 6400 with an more mature Main Duo CPU, it possibly well worth swapping it out to a Main2Duo, which will up grade the general performance to some degree.

To reach MIDI connectivity on my laptop computer, I use a 11 USB MIDI interface, available for a handful of pounds by way of eBay. These are not actually suggested by Hauptwerk, but I can convey to you that they do the career just fine, and are effortless to set up. Home windows automatically installs the drivers for these MIDI products.

Pertaining to the soundcard on a laptop, I use the on-board audio making use of the Asio4all driver, which works brilliantly on my DELL’s SigmaTel on-board soundcard. Ideally a USB or FireWire alternative would be greater, these kinds of as the exterior M-Audio 2496 or the M-Audio FireWire 410 interface. The EMU 0404 USB would also be a great choice. I would steer clear of the Soundblaster exterior Audigy USB NX as it has no ASIO!

MIDI Keyboard Controllers
If you do not presently poses a digital or digital property organ with MIDI then M-audio keystation Es sequence controllers are great for Hauptwerk controllers.
I have properly played Hauptwerk using my Wersi Arcus as a controller, whilst I can not use a total pedalboard with this. I will have to be glad with 13 notes for now.

MIDI Bass Pedal Board
If you are not on the lookout for a whole-blown church or theatre organ pedalboard, then there are a couple of options available, either new or used.

Roland PK5-A 13 Observe MIDI Pedalboard
Hammond XPK100 13 note MIDI pedalboard
Hammond XPK200 20 take note MIDI pedalboard
Hammond PK25XKP 25 notice MIDI pedalboard
Studiologic MP-113 13 take note MIDI pedalboard
Studiologic MP-117 17 Observe MIDI pedalboard

Soundcard – Audio Interface
Hauptwerk do not recommend using Resourceful Audigy or Soundblaster cards, but I can affirm that the Totally free sample set operates without problems on the Artistic Audigy 2 Platinum card, so all is not misplaced if you have a single of these cards.Hauptwerk suggest the M-Audio 2496 audio card, and as I have 1 of these to hand, this is what I will be employing for this posting. They are easy to buy 2nd-hand now, and can be purchased on eBay for close to 25. Now is a fantastic time to set up the soundcard. As there are so many diverse sorts, I are not able to cover all in this article as it is over and above the scope of this report, so you should to refer to your soundcard companies documentation.

Hauptwerk recommend making use of a good Hi-Fi system or run screens will also be great. I use a Technics receiver with Wharfedale speakers with very good success. I only use Stereo and not encompass sound, on the other hand you can use encompass seem if you would like, but this is not lined right here in this post.

Controlling Hauptwerk
The most fundamental way of controlling Hauptwerk on the display screen is with the Laptop mouse. If you are employing Hauptwerk without the need of a contact-screen, I advocate a Wi-fi mouse as the cable will not get in the way.
The most common apply is applying a Touchscreen while these can bump the cost up a bit, but it is incredibly intuitive and effortless to use compared with a mouse

Assembling the Console and Situating the Components
I have my M-audio keystation 61ES on best of my Yamaha P-155 electronic piano, on it is own stand. This is a fantastic setup, as it will allow for bass pedals underneath. Image coming soon…
The Laptop foundation unit I position to the appropriate or still left aspect of the Piano and M-audio 61, with the keep track of on an a suited shelf.

Connecting it All Up
Make guaranteed your soundcard is put in and totally operating and your Laptop is all connected and setup. The M-Audio is simple to use as I only will need to link a USB cable to the Pc and put in the motorists. The keyboard is USB run so it isn’t going to have to have a different adapter. I hook up the P-155 to MIDI-IN on the pedals, and MIDI out of the pedals to the MIDI cable of the M-Audio 2496. MIDI is connected ‘out’ of the pedals ‘in’ to the soundcard.

Putting in Hauptwerk
For the purposes of this write-up, I will assume that we are making use of Microsoft Windows 7, as it can be the recent Windows variation, and advised by Hauptwerk. Download Hauptwerk 4 Absolutely free version from the Hauptwwerk internet site.

Run the setup file that you just downloaded, and click on Performed, when finished. Now you really should have a program that is all set to go, aside from the finer factors of placing up the MIDI hardware in Hauptwerk, i.e telling the computer software what components you are making use of and what MIDI channels everything is on. This is now significantly much easier in Hauptwerk 4, as the Hauptwerk developers introduced a MIDI find out purpose, that routinely detects your MIDI configurations, and requires the headache out of environment it up manually.

Keep tuned for component two of this write-up, environment up MIDI. Photographs and movies to observe!