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How to Ollie Quick – How to Ollie in Two Months or Less

How to Ollie Quick – How to Ollie in Two Months or Less

The ollie is 1 of the easiest skateboarding methods, nonetheless one particular of the most vital. Mastering how to do an ollie can feel like a demanding process to newbie skateboarders, but if set and adhere to a two week motion system, you happen to be guaranteed to learn how to ollie in no time!

I strongly advise that you apply from 50 percent an hour to an hour a working day if you want to understand how to ollie as rapid as you can. I counsel you apply on weekdays and get a crack or just go skate all over on the weekends.

Ahead of you get started, you must know what the ollie seems like. I suggest you watch some “how to ollie” videos on the internet so you know how they really should search and the fundamental ways.

Times 1-2

For the very first two days, you will want to follow getting the foot position down. Footing is vital in discovering how to ollie!

You want to area your front foot a small forward of the board, and your back again foot on the tail of the skateboard, with the ball of your back again foot in the heart of the tail. For the initially two days, just practice this foot placement and make absolutely sure you happen to be snug.

Times 3-5

For the rest of the week, I advise you follow the typical motion of the ollie. 1 of the most beneficial means to understand how to ollie is to visualize the trick in your mind to start with.

Stand more than the board, in the ollie position. See yourself:

1. Popping the tail by slamming your again foot down challenging on the tail

2. Jumping up

3. Dragging your entrance foot up in direction of the front of the board and

4. Leveling the board out and landing on the skateboard bolts

The vital in mastering how to do an ollie is staying ready to set all those three matters with each other.

Just after you visualized the ollie, it can be time to stand on the board and attempt it out. Remember to slam, soar, and drag.

Times 8-14

For the next week, you must proceed working towards your ollies. By now, you ought to know just how to do an ollie, but probably have problems truly having the skateboard up. If you’re possessing a minor bit of problems, try out these ideas:

– Do not bend much too far down, because this can throw off your stability. Just give a slight squat.

– Suck up your legs right after you pop to aid get the board in the air

– Keep centered above your board as you pop and goal to land over the bolts

The only way to conquer this is observe and persistence. You have to experiment with the timing of the trick right up until you obtain something that performs for you. It took me much more than a thirty day period right before I uncovered how to ollie.

Congratulate on your own when you lastly study how to ollie. You can now get them to new destinations, these types of as onto curbs, off of ledges and around hurdles!
Superior luck discovering how to ollie!