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How to Afford Your Skateboarding Gear

How to Afford Your Skateboarding Gear

Skateboarding is a relatively cheap hobby when you compare them with other gear-intensive sports. However, the price for top-end skateboarding gear such as decks and skateboarding wheels could be a little out of reach for some of you, especially if you’re still in high school. On the other hand, you also know that to get the best performance out of your skateboard, then, you should invest in more than just ‘decent’ gear.

So, can you afford your skateboarding gear? There are, of course, many ways to do this, but we’ll share some of our recommendations with you in the list below.

1. Get a part time job. The only way to spend more is to earn more. And if you’re not currently earning any money right now, then, it’s about time that you do, that is if you really want to get yourself some great skateboarding gear. It doesn’t have to be a really serious job, or should it be high paying. Besides, you cannot really expect any high paying jobs unless you are working full-time and you have a college degree. So, look for some odds jobs in your neighborhood just so you’ll earn extra cash to buy that nice looking deck in your local skate shop.

2. Sell some of your stuff. If you have other extra stuff lying around, sell them. They may not be worth anything to you but other people could be so interested that they’ll pay good money for your things. Sites like eBay have made it a lot easier for you to sell and make some money. It could be skateboarding gear, magazines or other things that you no longer use. So, sell them. Even if they don’t amount to a lot of money individually, they could be worth a new pair of wheels once you add them up. What’s even better is that you didn’t have to dip into your pocket or savings to do that.

3. Save ahead. Things break down with your skateboard over time, especially in the case of your skateboard wheels. Several tons of dollars can be heavy on your pocket if you’re going to buy a set of wheels at one go. However, if you save ahead and put up a fund for the eventual replacement of your wheels, then, buying a new set will be easier on you. Let’s say a wheel set costs $50 and you estimate that you’ll need a replacement in 6 months. Just save a little over $10 per month and you’ll be able to buy a new set once your wheels have worn down. The best thing is that you won’t notice the price at all because you already have a fund set up for it.

4. Upgrade gradually. Unless you have deep pockets, then, we recommend that you upgrade your gear gradually. Let’s say you start with a great deck and decent trucks and wheels. Then, eventually upgrade your wheels while retaining your deck and trucks. Finally, upgrade your trucks. It’s a lot easier to upgrade that way than by doing it in one go.

So, take into consideration the tips we just share with you in how you can afford to upgrade your skateboarding gear. It’s really easy when you think about it.