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Get More Internet Traffic – 5 Free Traffic Building Methods

Get More Internet Traffic – 5 Free Traffic Building Methods

You can get more internet traffic using free methods. Many are very easy and don’t take long to master. The ideas below show the basic concept and some of my experiences on how to increase targeted traffic.

Free methods will bring visitors. You decide how much you want to work them to get more visitors.

1. Submit to Smaller Search Engines and/or to Blog Directories

Blogs really do work well, but this works for sites, too. Submit your site to smaller search engines and blog engines.

You can find lists of these by searching for them as search engine listings, search engines, or blog listings and blog directories.

You can submit to these for free. Do 5 or 10 a day and build up a good set of links pointing to your site.

2. Forum Surfing

Let me tell you what happened to me. I wanted to get more internet traffic to one site. I went to the free forum that my site hosting company offers, and started answering questions, helping other people.

The next day, I had a surge in my traffic for that site. Quick and free.

You need to keep in mind the keys: I was helpful, not marketing, not just spamming my link out there. People often visit forums to learn or get an answer. If you can provide some answers, then people will also check out your site.

Look for forums that relate to your business. For instance, don’t spend hours answering questions on investing tips when you really want to sell dog training.

3. Blog Commenting

You can make a comment at the end of many blog posts, and just add your two cents. Very handy, and it gets you a link back to your page. You can usually put in any url you want, so you can link to a new page on your site or blog, if you like.

It works best if you can be one of the first comments, say the first 5. After that, most people don’t read many of the comments. Some will see your witty or insightful note, and click through to your site.

4. Video Marketing

Some would argue that if anything beats article marketing, its video marketing. In this method of building internet traffic, you will make a short video and upload it to several video services, or at least to YouTube.com, the biggest one.

Many more exist, of course, like metacafe.com, myspacetv.com, break.com, and about, oh, a million others. These are some of the big ones. And yes, myspacetv is part of myspace.com the social networking site.

If your ideas work well in video, great. If you just plan to put up words on a page with some music in the background, do it anyway. It isn’t much of a video, but it still is a video. You can use Camtasia (a software product) or jingproject.com to make your video.

5. Social Networking Sites

These sites really represent worlds all by themselves. I read recently that MySpace, and Facebook would be similar, would be the 8th largest country by population. Wow! People love these sites.

Which means you can start building internet traffic from your profile on these sites. Most of them let you link to your own site, so put your link there.

On Facebook, I have my profile showing my latest blog posts. It’s easy, and it can generate traffic. Also, you can set up groups or join groups on these sites and that will also bring people to your profile and your website or blog.

I have mentioned the largest two in the US, but many others also have huge traffic numbers like Friendster.com, Linkedin.com, Twitter (the biggest microblogging platform), Bebo, and who knows how many more.

Get started with all of these methods and see which ones work for you and what you like to do. People use the internet every day, they may as well use your site.