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Buying the Perfect Women’s Snowboard

Buying the Perfect Women’s Snowboard

More women are getting interested in snowboarding. As a sport that does not require a great deal of upper body strength, and the fact that snowboarding provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, it is a lot of fun and very healthy for both genders. However, the equipment is not designed to be a uniform fit for males and females alike. If you are in the market for a quality women’s snowboard, there are several factors you should keep in mind.

One of the most basic differences between snowboard manufactured for women is that they are different in the width of the board itself. The deciding factor here is the obvious differences in the width of the male foot from that of the female foot. Smaller feet need a more narrow board in order to allow the rider to have optimum control of the snowboard. A good rule of thumb is to see how your foot rests on the surface of the board. If your toes or heels do not come near the edge of the board, then you know it is too wide. Choosing a board that is too wide for your feet will result in a decreased ability to maneuver, especially when it comes to making a turn.

Once the width has been addressed, turn your attention to the length of the snowboard. As a general rule, the ideal length of the board should correspond to the height of the intended rider. To get an idea of whether a board is the correct length, stand the board on end and see how close the overall length comes to the chin. A board of approximately that length will be fine if you plan on participating in park or pipe snowboarding. If carving or freeriding is your intention, then the board should be a little longer, coming up to approximately between the cheek and eye level.

One last factor to address is the flex of the board. Your body mass will come into play here. If you are lighter, then you will need a board that is slightly more flexible. You can test the flex factor of the board by pressing against the board along toward the middle. Just remember that the greater the weight load, the less flex you need in the snowboard.

Sporting goods shops will carry a vast array of snowboards, each with various combinations of these essential elements. Since women, just like men, come is all heights, weights, and shoe sizes, it is important to try out several boards until you find the one that most closely will meet your needs. Do not allow yourself to be directed toward any one board that is promoted as being a good fit for any woman. With a little effort, you can find the perfect women’s snowboard for you.