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Bringing a Surf Board on a Mauritius Holiday

Bringing a Surf Board on a Mauritius Holiday

Mauritius is a all-natural desired destination for browsing. Properly-identified for the wave of “Tamarin”, Mauritius is an additional Indian Ocean surf paradise. The primary surf places in Mauritius are concentrated on the south and south west side of the island. The swell measurement on Mauritius is usually about 1 m smaller sized than that on Reunion, this getting attributed to the a lot less steep coral reef fall-offs, and the actuality that Reunion blocks off the swells transferring in a north easterly way from the Southern Oceans. The greatest months for browsing are involving April and September.

With this in thoughts, it is but organic for surfers to want to convey their very own surfboards to practical experience the waters of Mauritius. So somewhat than fear the whole flight about how your surfboard is faring and whether or not or not the holiday in advance is established to be a good one, the response lies in packing the surfboard effectively.

There are a number of methods to protect your board, so you can get there all set to disembark and head straight to browsing on your Mauritius holiday break.

Obtain or borrow a hefty-obligation, properly sized board bag. Have a bag that is 6 inches or 15cm for a longer period than your longest board. The more length leaves space for cushioning. You may well want to get a bag with wheels so that it is simpler to provide with you by way of prolonged airport queues and having to and from your accommodations Whilst some men and women assert you can journey safely with no a board bag, it is really debatable and is absolutely a moot place when you acquire a broken board at the other conclude of your flight.

Eliminate the fins from your board. If you have detachable travel fins, it will make excellent sense to clear away them to protect against the chance of having caught on bordering objects. Wrap the taken off fins in a towel and retain them with your board, together with the fin essential. If you ignore the fin critical, your efforts are in vain, so double examine it is in there ahead of zipping up.

Do not overlook to take the previous wax off your board. Skipping this action will typically lead to your cold water surf wax to melt all above your board bag when you land in the tropics.

Protect the ding prone places of your board this kind of as the nose and tail. Do this by duct taping objects that you might be presently touring with, this sort of as soaked-suits, towels, and outfits close to the board. Bubble wrap is also a good choice as it is light-weight and cushions impacts perfectly. Bubble wrap with larger bubbles perform improved for this intent.

Ultimately, generate “top rated load” or “fragile” on the bag with a marker or acrylic paint. You happen to be set to go, attain and get pleasure from your Mauritius holiday with the board in 1 piece.