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Best Web Browsers: Songbird Browser Review

Best Web Browsers: Songbird Browser Review

Songbird is an open-source browser and audio player originally released in 2006. This advanced application features a built-in browser, audio and video playback, and tons of features. Users have access to a wide range of skins, add-ons, extensions and other customization options at no extra cost. Besides being a web browser, Songbird is also a free media player that runs on Mozilla’s XULRunner platform.

This Gecko-based media player and web browser works on Linux, Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Solaris. If this program finds MP3 files on a web page, it creates a dynamic playlist automatically. Music is sorted according to the album, song, or artist, and all songs saved on your hard drive are displayed. Key features like the cool add-ons and the integrated web browser are what sets this application apart from the rest.

Songbird allows users to surf the Web and listed to their favorite tunes at the same time. There are five MP3 blogs already listed in the browser when you install it. These blogs are great for those who like to keep up with the music scene. Users can also choose which plugins they want to enable by default. This innovative web browser can do everything that Firefox and iTunes does. Here are some of its main features:

• Smart lists
• Bookmarks manager
• Preinstalled extensions
• Music library
• Multi-language support
• Drag-and-drop songs from the library
• Integrated web search
• Scan your computer for music
• Switch between tabs
• User friendly interface
• Highly customizable
• Tabbed browsing
• News section
• Ability to build custom mixes
• Ability to play multiple audio formats
• Edit and save metadata tags
• Automatic updates
• Keyboard shortcuts
• Skinnable interface
• Media importing/exporting
• Library management

This application features a large number of extensions and add-ons for a superior browsing experience. New items go into separate tabs, which helps reduce clutter. The interface is clean and intuitive, and you can customize it according to your needs. Songbird allows users to open more than one playlist in each tab. This program will do everything you want your music player to do, and more. When you install the browser, it will important any iTunes playlists and music you have.

In addition to the comprehensive music library, Songbird features a resizable panel that includes the artist’s bio, videos, pictures, and news, so you won’t have to search for this information online anymore. Any of the songs in already-made playlists can be added to your own custom one. With plenty of features and a unique approach, Songbird can easily replace your current web browser.