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64 Methods Volleyball Gamers Know They Are Addicted

64 Methods Volleyball Gamers Know They Are Addicted

“You know you play volleyball when…” –Any volleyball participant.

This is a compilation of a variety of sources relating to when you know you play volleyball.

1. You consider all people should really have to don spandex.

2. When another person states “shag” the very first thing you consider of is volleyball.

3. When you are taller than most of your class. Or when you happen to be not, and people today surprise how you play volleyball when you happen to be not 6’11.

4. When the phrases “exterior,” “middle,” and “proper/weak side” signify the world to you.

5. When you notice your thighs no longer in good shape in your jeans.

6. You could in all probability beat everyone in wall sits.

7. When a ball is hurled at your encounter, you set, go, or hit it. Or you flail your arms spastically.

8. You know what a libero is/does.

9. You have extra than one pair of knee pads.

10. You get indignant when someone suggests volleyball isn’t really a difficult activity.

11. You personal at the very least 1 shirt that has the term “volleyball,” “hit,” or a drawing of a volleyball on it.

12. You know how to tape yourself.

13. You know why ankle braces are a necessity.

14. You have accidents on your knees, elbows, ankles, neck, shoulders, back, head, etcetera.

15. You’ve perfected drawing a volleyball.

16. You have attempted location into a basketball hoop. And it truly is much less difficult than really capturing a ball into a basketball hoop.

17. You know a pancake is a lot more than just some thing to try to eat.

18. You assume Tv set need to clearly show more volleyball than any other sport.

19. You have been asked why volleyball gamers use spandex.

20. You know your vertical, and constantly hope in some way it will get larger.

21. You’ve experienced at minimum one particular ball hit you in the facial area.

22. You’ve been to volleyball camp. Quite a few times.

23. You know who Misty May perhaps is.

24. You know a scoreboard like the again of your hand.

25. You have to admit that you like people “ACE!” cheers.

26. Any time you see a volleyball, you have to touch it.

27. At a single place in your everyday living, you’ve got experienced knee troubles.

28. You know what these “other” strains in the gym are.

29. You you should not dribble balls, you smack them with the palm of your hand.

30. You very own a pair of “volleyball” footwear.

31. You know what a 4-2, a 6-2, and a 5-1 is.

32. You have muscular tissues exactly where you failed to imagine muscles existed.

33. You are not fearful of slipping.

34. You’ve noticed that film “All You’ve got Got” and desired to publish the director on how lousy it was.

35. You see tall persons and assume “she/he would make a good volleyball participant.”

36. When you know to shave your armpits prior to a sport… and gross out when the blockers on the other group forgot to.

37. You squander a lot of gas driving to tournaments.

38. You are/have been in a volleyball club.

39. You are unable to truly run… but you guaranteed as hell can dash.

40. You laugh when you see other people hoping to enjoy volleyball.

41. You get actually upset when another person kicks a volleyball.

42. Volleyball is much more crucial than anything at all else that you have to do.

43. You have long-lasting floor-burn marks.

44. You’ve wished to smack your mentor at one point. AND/OR your mentor has desired to smack you at some level.

45. Two text: GET Low.

46. You know what “sideout” suggests. Or you will not, but you yell it anyway.

47. You imagine it can be standard to have balls deliberately hit at your encounter.

48. When going up for a strike, you have at the very least completely missed the ball the moment in your everyday living.

49. You’ve got run into a wall, pole, particular person, bleachers… quite a few periods.

50. Gymnasium (or P.E.) volleyball just isn’t volleyball. You end up yelling at everybody simply because they’re performing it incorrect.

51. You can set your hand up to a volleyball web and tell a person how shut it is to the peak it is meant to be.

52. You’ve got attempted passing or placing a basketball and failed miserably.

53. Your knees odor right after a sport.

54. When spandex/leggings became fashionable, you were being like, “I have been carrying those all alongside.”

55. There wonder why you can find an NBA, the NFL, the NHL, but no NVL?

56. You can find always that 1 human being on the opposing crew that you want to slap throughout the confront.

57. You hate that clips and steel hair add-ons are banned. Sporting an oh-so-stylish stretchy headband is not pleasurable. And they slip off in the middle of extreme rallies.

58. You publicly decide on wedgies.

59. You by no means just “get up.” You roll.

60. You can easily recall the noise of skin sliding versus a lately waxed courtroom. And it even now will make you cringe.

61. You’ve got caught the ball in the middle of an intense rally simply because you believed the referee blew his whistle… only to know that the whistle arrived from the court docket up coming to you.

62. You test to intimidate the other group all through heat-ups.

63. You’ve used at minimum half of an entire video game pulling down your teeny very small spandex due to the fact they journey up so considerably.

64. You use pre-wrap (in a wide variety of colours) far more on your hair than your injuries.

And don’t forget, tough function beats talent when talent fails to do the job really hard.