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2 Steps to Daily Organization

2 Steps to Daily Organization

Being organized doesn’t necessarily come easy to all of us. Just because you now have the title of “mom” it doesn’t mean that with a snap of a finger your behavior, daily routine and knowledge of what to do (and when to do it) becomes automatic.

It is assumed that when you become a mother that the “instinct” kicks in and you know what and how to handle all of your new responsibilities. This is not true. Not everyone is given these “natural” talents. Even when you get past the sleepless nights and your schedule is somewhat regular, there can still be major struggles. I’ve seen this first hand.

Responsibilities change drastically when a new baby is brought into the home. It is a continual change as they mobile, then become toddlers, enter school, start homework, and on and on until they reach adulthood. And usually, two years or so after you have just begun to latch onto the process of being “mom” you are given another gift to nurture, raise and be responsible for. To help in this process, I’m recommending my two Daily Basic steps that you can use to help. These two simple and easy steps will help ease stress, overwhelm and chaos. Keep your sanity in check by using these steps to ensure a smooth progression from your morning routine and continue it throughout the evening.

  • Set a daily schedule for yourself and your family. Check out your week on Sunday evening. What activities are scheduled for this week. How many days are obligated to soccer, dance or other activities? What school projects are due this week? Know what tests are scheduled for this week – because you are probably going to need to chunk out some study time with your child. Are you the only person aware of this schedule? Are you carrying the responsibility for managing the schedule or is your spouse involved? If your spouse isn’t involved, they should be. This can be easily accomplished by holding a family meeting on Sunday evening (15 minutes of your time) or by having a family calendar posted in an auspicious place.
  • Set boundaries. Don’t allow yourself (or your spouse) to over-obligate yourself with extra outside activities. Know what your schedule will allow you to handle and don’t feel as if you have to step in and safe the world. If you are being asked to step up and help with a school project, volunteer project or whatever the case, think about how you are going to feel if you take on this responsibility. Are you going to feel joyous, excited and happy for taking on this project or is it going to make you stressed out? How does your energy feel just thinking about this project? Does your head hurt? Does your body feel tense? Is it within your ability to handle this project right now or will it cause overwhelm? Don’t take on more than you can handle. You aren’t a bad person if you say know. You are the exact opposite. Knowing your own limitations will help you stay on track and keep your sanity in check.